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Model Office Lite



Benchmark against our 5 keys to gain insight into MO’s capabilities, receive generic strategies on improving scores and lite strategic report

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Model Office



Benchmark your firm against your peers performance, FCA suitability rules and discussion/final guidance papers and receive a full strategic plan and bespoke strategies to improve scores

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MO helps you identify the growth areas and blind spots within your business and ensure you remain compliant, profitable and client-centric by:

  1. Benchmarking your firm against the latest regulatory rules, discussion and final guidance papers i.e. COBs, MiFID II, FAMR and manage new risks e.g. BREXIT
  2. Tracking your professional progress against best practice and digital services
  3. Ensuring you are up-to-date with all the latest compliance, business and people development strategies you need

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Model Office Lite


Model Office



In-depth best practice market research and benchmarking across the 5 keys’ business functions

Benchmark performance against peers and best practice

Framework guidance:

Corporate Governance

Management Information

Marketing strategy

Client documentation

Centralised Investment Proposition

Client digital engagement strategies

BREXIT strategies

Integration with back office and 3rd party software*

Mature practice management strategies

Employee engagement

Pop up resource statements for technical questions

Generic nudges and steers to improve scores

Bespoke dynamic behavioural nudges and steers to improve scores

Continued Professional Development accreditation and certification

Results dashboard

Training and support

Lite strategic plan

Comprehensive strategic plan

Access to professional panel support

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*Available for certain management practice technology users. For the white-labeled prices please contact