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Chris Davies MSc
Managing Director, Engage Insight and Founder Model Office (MO®). MO® Creative, research and regulatory/business development framework design.
Steve Oddy
Managing Director, SOtechnology. Steve heads MO®’s digital design and development.
Saleema Brohi
Board and Corporate Legal Adviser. Saleema heads MO®’s legal requirements.
Phil Young
Non-Executive Director and Board Strategic Adviser. Phil is leading MO®’s strategic progress.
Matt Hodkinson
Managing Director, Influence Agents Digital marketing expert and Board marketing adviser. Matt runs MO®’s digital marketing strategy.
Helen Clark
Associate Project Planning and Consultancy, Helen manages MO®’s projects, client on-boarding and on-going consultancy
Adrian Thompson
Founder of The Bot Forge, UK based chatbot agency who designs and develops engaging conversational interfaces powered by AI.
Paul Resnik
Founder of Transact, the UK’s target platform and founder and director of Plan Plus-Finametrica a leading international risk profilling and robo-adviser. Paul is MO®'s lead investor.
John Netting
Compliance Policy and Business development strategy, John heads up MO®’s compliance and business strategy.
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Compliance Chat
Hi, Nice to meet you.
I'm MO® your Digital Compliance Assistant.
I work on the MO® Enterprise platform where you can chat with me online at anytime and ask me all sorts of questions (within reason, mind) about your compliance and professional development journey.
I can interrogate the FCA Handbook, advice suitability or file review requirements, KYC, AML, TCF, ESMA’s MiFID II and much more. I can also talk to certain back office systems to provide a client ‘Suitability Health Check’. My mission is to make compliance more pro-active, prescriptive and yes engaging, whilst saving you time and money, so you have comfort in knowing you’re compliant at all times. So come and join me at MO® Enterprise. See you soon.

compliance. alignment. sustainability

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